A Prophetic Dream About Healthcare in the USA and a Teaching on the Lords Provision

Allow me share every other dream I had. Healthcare inside the U.S. Is virtually going down hill speedy. Our authorities coverage application known as Medicare is dropping a lot money that the government has determined to scale back on a number of programs for the negative that they used to cover. And the reimbursements are happening so rapid that medical doctors don’t need to attend to the poor anymore. It is clearly unhappy here and i had this dream.

I used to be on the neighborhood pharmacy waiting in line with human beings to get my remedy prescription stuffed. After I were given to the counter I overheard a girl speakme to the drugstore technician and this become their communique:

So I reread the e-book of two Kings and it said, whilst Elisha got here the female furnished a room for him, food, and whatever he wanted, even a desk and desk so he ought to have a look at there as well. And Elisha asked her what is it he should do for her. Request prophetic word She spoke back, “not anything.” however Gehazi stated, “nicely she has no son.” So Elisha advised her, “three hundred and sixty five days from now you’ll have a son.”

And i knew the solution. The Lord gave her a phrase.. That word of getting a son, led her to have him raised back to life in addition to the blessing of receiving all of her misplaced home and land and money. The Lord stated to me, “while people pray to me, they ask for money, they ask for jobs, homes, restoration. And that i don’t clearly supply them the physical manifestation of that request but I do provide my word. And my phrase is the solution because via my word comes advantages upon benefits. Whilst human beings in reality understand that it isn’t always what you’ve got that topics but it is having my word that matters, they would be capable of prosper so much greater.

So I now remember the fact that my wealth and benefits, my fitness, and my ministry have all come from one simple word. When the Lord spoke to me on Feb. Sixteen, 2005 and said to me through a prophetess, EDMUND, I need YOU TO know ME. That became the word. That one phrase has added me all of this and keeps to bless me. When I pray and ask the Lord for matters and that’s all it certainly is, simply things, the Lord blesses me not due to my faith, now not due to my operating for the church but because of that one phrase. It’s extremely good to me.

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